Shoe alterations

Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl customizes ready-made shoes –
orthopedic shoe alterations for your favorite pair of shoes

Orthopedic shoe alterations adjust your fa-vorite shoe, making it an individual product custom-made to meet your physical needs.

If insoles are not enough to compensate your foot or posture problems, shoe alterations are the best alternative to custom-fitted orthopedic footwear. Our orthopedic shoemaker adjusts your ready-made shoes to meet your needs, making them an exclusive and unique product. Shoe alterations are fixed into the shoe, giving even more support.

Our shoe alterations are:

  • Raised shoes to compensate posture problems
  • Joint rolls to relieve your knee and ankle
  • Butterfly rolls to alleviate splay feet
  • Elevation of outer or inner edges to soothe foot or knee ailments
  • Slotted cushioning inside the shoe e.g. for calcaneal spur problems

Visit our store in Weiden for a consultation and bring your favorite shoes or choose one of the comfort shoes from our collection for alteration. The aim is to make the alteration as discrete as possible, to not alter the look of your favorite shoe.

We will gladly consult you regarding possible modifications and provide you with a quote for your unique shoe. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our specialized retail store for orthopedic footwear in Weiden. If you have any further questions regarding our shoe alter-ations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call +49 961 32721