About us

Your service provider for orthopedic shoes from Weiden offers expert advice for questions regarding your feet and your health

As a specialized retailer for orthopedic footwear, for us your wellbeing comes first. We will gladly help you with all our orthopedic footwear services: Comfort shoes, custom-made orthopedic shoes, shoe alterations, shoe repairs, orthopedic services for children’s shoes, sensorimotor insoles, therapeutic soles in accordance with the Derks method, insoles for work safety footwear and athletes supplies.

Our focus in our daily work lies on the personal interaction with our customers. Our individual consultation, excellent materials and products, as well as our competent team allow you to trust our expertise in mobility and motion.

Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl was founded in 1928 by Franz Fritsch as a shoemaker company in Weiden. His brother Anton Fritsch succeeded him in running the business as from 1938 and added custom-made orthopedic footwear to the product range in the years after the second world war.

In 1983, after receiving her master’s certificate, his daughter Hannelore Gößl took over the business and added comfort shoes of renowned brands to the existing product range of insoles supply and custom-made shoes, expanding not only the variety of brands but also the business premises.

Since 2015 Horst Schedl, master craftsman for orthopedic footwear, is the company owner. Along with his dedicated staff he offers competent consultation for all topics regarding your feet.

In 2016 continuous advancements and qualifications turned the traditional business into an important expert business in Weiden.

To us healthy movement means offering you the best possible service for more mobility. Just come and visit us in our ortopaedic footwear store in Weiden and we will gladly consult you regarding your problems concerning mobility and rehabilitation.


Whether it is providing insoles, comfort shoes or orthopedic shoe services – our aim is to make you leave our store light footed

The Gößl Gesunde Schuhe Team offers you complete care for your feet. We offer you exten-sive consultation and use state of the art analytical systems to optimize your foot health.

We put special emphasis on high quality products and services relating to orthopedic footwear. We are permanently in contact with therapists, physicians and podiatrists, through this and our modern foot and motion analytic systems, we can assure a smooth handling of your care. In our in-house workshop the owner Horst Schedl, master craftsman for orthopedic footwear, himself takes care of your needs. Two assistants and an apprentice support him in the workshop.

In our comfort shoe store three well-trained shop assistants make sure you get the consultation you need. High quality standards and long durability are the basic prerequisites we have to our footwear branded „Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl“.

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