Insoles supplies

Do you have back or foot problems or do you want to optimize your movement patterns? Orthopedic insoles from your orthopedic footwear specialist in the Upper Palatinate can help.

Our computer-aided measuring and analysis methods give us the ability to make insoles that can improve your motor skills and rectify poor posture.

In our movement analysis lab we generate a dynamic footprint and use a sterometer for the analysis of posture and movement for your walking apparatus and back. All orthopedic in-soles provided by Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl in Weiden are unique and are custom-made in our in-house workshop.

Custom-made orthopedic insoles:
Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl gives you a better quality of life

Orthopedic insoles support your foot and can improve your posture. If you have aching feet or a foot malposition such as flat and splayfoot, flatfoot or high arch or a combination of malpo-sitions, orthopedic insoles are the right choice. These insoles from our master craftsman for orthopedic footwear provide relief and optimize your quality of life, respective prevent said problems from occurring.

With foot ailments usually health assurance pays for insoles. Let your physician diagnose your foot ailment and prescribe you custom designed handcrafted insoles. Call +49 961 32721 to arrange a consultation appointment regarding the next steps without any obligation.

Sensorimotor insoles / Therapeutic soles in accordance with Derks method:
Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl provides more mobility

With their partially protruding surface sensorimotor insoles and therapeutic soles stimulate specific muscle groups, which can have a positive effect on your entire body. They are used for posture defects or malpositions.

Especially the Derks method, which takes the newest insights regarding the origin of posture defects into consideration, made long-lasting successful treatment of patients, along with more mobility and alleviation of the problems possible.

Sports insoles:
Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl increases performance

Sports insoles „made by Gößl“ ensure optimized movement patterns, specific to the respective sport, thus increasing performance.

The following athletes have already been able to achieve good results:

  • Soccer players
  • Runners
  • Golf players
  • Cyclists
  • Tennis players
  • and athletes of many different sports

Our master craftsman for orthopedic footwear will gladly offer you a consultation as to wheth-er insoles can improve the performance for your type of sport. Call +49 961 32721.

Insoles for safety at work:
Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl enhances safety

Insoles for protective footwear follow special legal regulations. If regular insoles are used in protective footwear its approved status becomes invalid. With our insoles you’re always on the safe side. We take care that your shoes don’t lose their certified status and that you are able to move around safely with the quality of insoles you are used to. We will gladly provide you with the full package consisting of orthopedic safety shoes and custom-fitted insoles.

Our more than 80 years of experience in the field of footwear and the continuous development make us a qualified manufacturer of shoes and insoles to meet an array of requirements.

Call +49 961 32721 and make an appointment for a foot inspection with our master craftsman for orthopedic footwear. Drop by our shoe store in Weiden near Nuremberg. We are looking forward to welcoming you!