Custom-fitted orthopedic shoes

Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl manufactures high-grade custom-fitted shoes to meet your individual needs and wishes

If comfort shoes and insoles are just not enough or you long for an individual pair of high-grade shoes, handcrafted and custom-fitted by your orthopedic shoemaker in Weiden, will enhance your life.

Our orthopedic shoemaker manufactures your shoes customized to your individual demands and functions from the beginning. Giving you a unique pair of shoes, which are of high quality and utilizable value, and are incomparable to available industrial products when it comes to fit, style or exclusivity.

Custom fitted shoes can soothe a number of foot ailments:

  • Skewed flat foot
  • High arch
  • Club foot
  • Stiffenings and swellings
  • Functional disorders
  • Reduced leg length
  • Deformity and lameness
  • Foot amputations
  • Toe deformation
  • Contractures

We only use high-grade fabrics and the best materials for your shoes. Prior to manufacturing your custom-fitted shoes, a detailed consultation takes place, during which all aspects are discussed and your foot is measured. Before the actual production of the shoe starts, a test shoe is made to control fit and look.

We will gladly consult you and provide you with a quote for your unique custom-fitted shoe, which will accompany you for many years given a little care. Do you have any questions regarding our custom-fitted shoes? Just call +49 961 32721.