Therapeutic soles in accordance with the Derks method

Enhance your mobility and flexibility with therapeutic soles by Gößl Gesunde Schuhe

The focus and initiation for the perfect therapeutic insole is a very precise meticulous examination of the muscular and joint function. We measure roll-over behavior, the static, the foot burden, the body‘s center of gravity,  the touchdown and pressure distribution and much more. Your knee, hip, back and neck are also included in the examination.

This analysis gives a clear picture, allowing to read and calculate the status quo and the desired condition of the complete bodily mechanics. Based on these results the insole can be planned, designed and hand-crafted.

Precision? Exactly!
To make this very clear: It really is a matter of every single millimeter. If an important pressure point isn’t triggered in the exact right way, then there is no effect on the designated area of the muscle, thus possibly not attaining the desired impact. These factors also make the technical design and most of all the hand-crafted development so important.

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