Shoe repairs

Orthopädie Gesunde Schuhe Gößl – Shoe repairs with a long tradition

As custom shoemakers we are not your eve-ryday repair service, but have learnt our trade from the ground up. For more than 80 years, besides offering orthopedic footwear services, we also offer high quality shoe re-pairs for all kinds of shoes.

Whether it is run down heels, worn down soles or others, we stand up to the throwaway society and are also sending a clear signal for sustaina-bility. We maintain and repair your shoes using high-grade materials, and if the shoe pinches, widening and adjusting isn’t a problem either.

An overview of our shoe repair services:

  • Soles and heel replacement
  • Seem correction
  • Controlling the accuracy of fit and adjustments
  • Repair worn out materials
  • Replace detached applications

You can count on our experience! We will gladly consult you regarding the possibilities to make the best out of your favorite pair of shoes. You can also come to us if you are in need of purse or leather suitcase repairs. We also offer you the care products to match.

Convince yourself of our work and drop by our store in Weiden with your favorite shoes. They will be in good hands. If you have further ques-tions regarding our shoe repairs please call +49 961 32721. We will be glad to help you.